Capable Resolution Of Insurance-Related Disputes

If you do not have access to competent representation, you are at risk of being taken advantage of by your insurance provider. These companies have substantial legal representation and have considerable financial incentives to deny or undervalue your legitimate claim, especially in catastrophic situations such as fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Often, insurance companies will contest or undervalue your valid claim in order to keep premiums low or to maintain their cash reserves.

At the office of attorney John Hunter Stevens, we are prepared to fight on your behalf and have an excellent track record of litigating insurance disputes.

Insurance policies cover a wide range of issues, and John Hunter Stevens has comprehensive experience in this area of law. He regularly and successfully handles disputes involving:

  • Bad faith claims handling, including workers' compensation claims
  • Life insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Business and homeowner policy disputes over property loss resulting from fires, hurricanes, floods, wind and other natural causes
  • Life insurance disputes

The Requirement To Deal Fairly And In Good Faith

Bad faith - Insurance companies are required by law to deal fairly and in good faith. An insurance policy is essentially a contract between the insurer and the policyholder, and all contracts contain implied terms of good faith and fair dealing. Unfortunately, insurers often act in bad faith, interpreting your policy to avoid their required obligations. Bad faith conduct can involve elements of fraud, neglect, deception or deliberate misconduct. Personal injury attorney John Hunter Stevens has substantial experience pursuing bad faith insurers who have:

  • Wrongfully denied personal injury claims
  • Failed to promptly pay legitimate workers' compensation claims
  • Unreasonably delayed payment of benefits
  • Unjustifiably canceled policies
  • Failed to keep the policyholders informed of policy changes and significant developments
  • Negligently investigated claims
  • Refused to fulfill contractual obligations
  • Deliberately undervalued legitimate claims
  • Unfairly interpreted their policies' language
  • Defrauded policyholders

In Mississippi, insurance companies are exposed to significant liability when they act in bad faith. In these cases, insurance providers may be required to pay damages well in excess of the policy limits. Our attorneys are able to determine if bad faith has occurred and, if so, are prepared to vigorously pursue your claim.

Let Us Resolve Your Dispute With Your Insurer

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