Aggressive Representation In Your Premises Liability Claim

Premises liability generally arises when a victim's injury was caused by dangerous conditions on another's property. There are a multitude of situations by which premises liability is invoked, including fires, slip and falls, dangerous electrical wiring, insufficient security, animal attacks, swimming pools and explosions. Premises liability may arise in virtually every type of building, provided that the unsafe condition was caused by another's negligence.

Competent and skilled legal representation is therefore required to pursue a premises liability claim. Attorney John Hunter Stevens, in Jackson, Mississippi, has successfully handled a multitude of unsafe premises claims and is prepared to fight on your behalf.

What Is A Premises Liability Claim?

Property owners must exercise reasonable care to keep his property safe. Under some circumstances, tenants, property/apartment managers, and contractors must also use reasonable care to avoid unsafe conditions on the property and can be held liable for injuries caused by dangerous conditions that would foreseeably cause injury. While these concepts appear relatively straightforward, it can be difficult to identify who had control of the premises; more than one party can often exercise control over the property.

Also, proving a premises liability claim often requires intensive investigation and in-depth knowledge of the legal issues raised in order to prove another's negligence caused the dangerous condition. It can be difficult to prove that the condition would cause a foreseeable injury.

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